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22 January 2024 | Elgorre

Say welcome to Elgorre - we are the new Danish inspiration for clothing for riders. Riders appreciate quality and a service that comes with it - started during Corona by our daughter Freja.

Therefore, with us you will only meet our family Freja - Anders - Lena and Victoria, who is Freja's Horse Friend.

We land in Herning with a brand new collection - which, in our opinion, is some of the most suitable clothing for riding. But also clothes you can use in other settings.

As we have recently changed our logo - we are selling off the clothes we have with the old logo. There are quite a few - we don't just come up with the same prices as on the website for these items. But be warned there is a limited quantity - and there will also be a limited number you can buy at a time - :(

Come by - we will have events during the various days - wheel of fortune.

If you want to hear a bit about Halstedhus' after-school riding line, Freja can answer questions.

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Elgorre is the new girl on the block - entering the danish market and soon Sweden. Our fair stand will be maned by ourselves. We attende the fair with a full option to be dressed in Elgorre.

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