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Arion Petfood

ARION Care is a high-quality product range designed to help protect your adult dog from potential challenges, unlike standard dog food. Our tailored solutions are suitable for dogs of all sizes.

It goes without saying that you want to keep your dog in good shape and give them the best care possible. However, no dogs are alike, and some have special needs. ARION Care offers solutions tailored to these specific needs. In collaboration with veterinarians, we have developed four different products for daily use:

ARION Care Digest – Digestive issues
ARION Care Hypoallergenic – Allergy problems
ARION Care Joint – Joint & mobility problems
ARION Care Weight – Weight issues

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Arion Petfood

ARION Petfood offers you a wide range of premium dog and cat food tailored to your dog's specific needs. Based on many years of expertise and the latest scientific developments in nutrition, quality, and taste, ARION Petfood is made with care by our dedicated nutrition experts.

Each ARION Petfood product contains a high concentration of carefully selected meat. This makes ARION Original products more delicious, easily digestible, and of outstanding nutritional value

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