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21 January 2024 | NENUC v Hesteagronom Martha Voss

Imagine that your horse is starting to lose weight.

You can clearly feel its ribs and it has become a bit sharp above the hip corners. Now you face the question in the board game Master of Nutrition. Here you get an insight into the considerations you make as a horse keeper, and you then have to decide whether you should simply continue to feed as you usually do, or whether you should change the feeding.

Should the horse have more fodder - and which of the fodder should be adjusted if necessary? These are your considerations in the real world.

Maybe you haven't learned much about hole assessment and feed planning, or maybe you're new to horse care. It's a bit like reading a book about feeding. Maybe you have only reached page 20 of the book, but reality is pushing you to page 55. The situation requires action, and that requires you to remember what you know and to be able to reason your way to the solution. You must have knowledge of the feed materials and which ones give the horse nutrients that it can convert into body fat and thus increase its energy stores.

If you choose the wrong solution, it can end up with your horse becoming ill, and it can cost you dearly – at best only in the form of veterinary bills.

The game about reality

In the Master of Nutrition, you face a number of challenges as a horse groomer. Your assessment of the horse's condition and your decision regarding feeding will affect its health and performance. Let's continue the story with a closer examination of the game and how it challenges your knowledge of horse nutrition:

As you stand there and consider the condition of the horse, questions such as:
• Do you know how to assess the horse's gut and how does it affect your decision on feeding?
• Are you aware of how different feed materials affect the horse's energy level, digestive system and general health?
• How can you adjust the horse's feeding schedule to meet its nutritional needs and ensure healthy weight gain?
• Do you know how the horse's training level affects its feed requirements?

This last question is crucial as it relates to the Master of Nutrition's wider approach to horse management. Understanding how exercise level affects the horse's nutritional needs is critical to maintaining optimal health and performance.
By playing Master of Nutrition, you not only gain insight into nutrition, but also into the complex interplay between training, feeding and general horse care.

Master of Nutrition is a board game that you play with one or more other horse friends. Through the interaction with your friends in the game, you not only gain theoretical knowledge, but you are also challenged to translate this knowledge into practical actions. This is a unique opportunity for horse owners and caretakers to improve their skills and understanding of horse nutrition in a fun and engaging way. We look forward to sharing this exciting experience with you at Horse and Rider 2024!

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NENUC v Hesteagronom Martha Voss

NENUC stands for the Nordic Equine Nutrition Conference, which is owned and run by me, Horse Agronomist Martha Voss. I work for better horse welfare by helping all horse people to learn more about keeping horses and proper feeding. Through my courses and my advice, you will learn your self to organize and adjust your horse management so that the welfare of the horses is optimised.
NENUC also produces the board game Master of Nutrition, which is a learning game for all horse lovers between the ages of 8 and 98. There are no losers here, because everyone wins knowledge - some also win money and

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