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21 January 2024 | NENUC v Hesteagronom Martha Voss

Why choose "Enetime in HEST"?

More than just feeding plans:
Feed planning goes beyond simple form filling. We'll start by discussing key aspects of your horse team:

What do you want to achieve and why?
What challenges do you want help to overcome?
Simply providing you with a list of recommended feeds is not sufficient. If there are health concerns or if the challenges stem from other areas such as the paddock or training, we dive into it. The goal is to equip you with the knowledge and tools to make the right decisions yourself.

Full focus on you and your horses:
Compare our collaboration with a personal riding lesson. I familiarize myself thoroughly with your way of keeping a horse, your strengths and challenges. The goal is that you:

Become sharp on your solution options.
Gain deeper understanding so you can customize yourself in the future.
If the challenge is feeding, we develop a feeding plan together, where you participate in the structure and learn to regulate it in line with the horse's changes.
If the challenge is other aspects, such as paddock arrangement, we go through it carefully and give you sparring and inspiration for adapting the conditions to both the horses' needs and your practical circumstances.
Equine agronomist and Coach:
My strength is my horse science background and many years of experience in horse care. I am also a trained coach with extensive experience. This means that our conversations are not only about what you do, but also what you yourself think about the situation. Maybe you already have the solution, which just needs to be shaped.

How do you get started?
Call me on phone 21286638 or send an email to We arrange a non-binding conversation about your horse team and your needs. Here we uncover what you need help with, how I can assist you, and what it will cost.

Prices and Options:

One hour: DKK 800/hour incl. VAT. Driving from Ansager to you: DKK 4/km. Visits can be planned together to minimize travel costs.

VIP - Welcome to NENUC: 1 year membership, including half an Ene hour, free access to Hestepedia and ongoing advice: DKK 500. Possible driving to one hours: DKK 4/km.

By choosing "Enetime in HEST" you are not only investing in a counseling session; you invest in your knowledge, your skills and the best relationship with your beloved horses.

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NENUC v Hesteagronom Martha Voss

NENUC stands for the Nordic Equine Nutrition Conference, which is owned and run by me, Horse Agronomist Martha Voss. I work for better horse welfare by helping all horse people to learn more about keeping horses and proper feeding. Through my courses and my advice, you will learn your self to organize and adjust your horse management so that the welfare of the horses is optimised.
NENUC also produces the board game Master of Nutrition, which is a learning game for all horse lovers between the ages of 8 and 98. There are no losers here, because everyone wins knowledge - some also win money and

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