Master of Nutrition - the best board game for nutrition of the horse

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NENUC v Hesteagronom Martha Voss

The game where you never lose
Either you win - or you learn!

Master of Nutrition is a unique board game that is not only about the horse's nutrition, but also about creating a community and understanding around the horse's welfare.

More knowledge about horses
In Master of Nutrition, you compete with your friends or your family for knowledge about horses, and if you make the right decisions, you will be rewarded in the game. It may be that you are also the one who earns the most money and thus wins your game. But even if you answer wrong or do the wrong things, you don't lose because you learn and you will bring that lesson with you out to your horse.

More well-being for the horses
The Master of Nutrition combines questions and answers to knowledge about horse nutrition and feeding with practical actions in relation to things we see in the horse. The game also contains work with dilemmas, where we both challenge equine knowledge and discuss ethical issues. And you don't have to be an equine agronomist yourself to be able to join. General basic knowledge about horses, feed and a good dose of common sense are good prerequisites for a fun and educational time.

More well-being for all of us
The game is not only a source of knowledge, it is also a way to get to know each other better, to create a time bobble where we only exist as humans and share the magic that the game brings.
Master of Nutrition exists presently in Danish.
We are working on a way to translate into English and German so that horse lovers all over the world can get their game.

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This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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NENUC v Hesteagronom Martha Voss

NENUC stands for the Nordic Equine Nutrition Conference, which is owned and run by me, Horse Agronomist Martha Voss. I work for better horse welfare by helping all horse people to learn more about keeping horses and proper feeding. Through my courses and my advice, you will learn your self to organize and adjust your horse management so that the welfare of the horses is optimised.
NENUC also produces the board game Master of Nutrition, which is a learning game for all horse lovers between the ages of 8 and 98. There are no losers here, because everyone wins knowledge - some also win money and

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