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NENUC v Hesteagronom Martha Voss

Do you do business for the horse world?
You are probably quite good at your subject, but perhaps need help to see new opportunities.
It could be that the customer base is changing, or new requirements for the welfare of the horses can make new demands on your business - perhaps the game changer that can either topple you or drive your business into a new era?
Alongside Martha's in-depth knowledge of horses and their welfare, she also has extensive knowledge of business operations. Not only from the operation of NENUC, but largely from her education as a Diploma in Management and 15 years of experience teaching HR, management, strategy, innovation.
Martha is also a trained coach and has a distinct ability to focus on your challenges and help you to set up good solution models - which you can see for yourself.
Martha can feel you where you are and through curious questions she spreads your scenario out in front of you and helps you see the possibilities.

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Horse & Rider 2024

This product can be seen at the exhibition.

This product can be seen at the Exhibition

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NENUC v Hesteagronom Martha Voss

NENUC stands for the Nordic Equine Nutrition Conference, which is owned and run by me, Horse Agronomist Martha Voss. I work for better horse welfare by helping all horse people to learn more about keeping horses and proper feeding. Through my courses and my advice, you will learn your self to organize and adjust your horse management so that the welfare of the horses is optimised.
NENUC also produces the board game Master of Nutrition, which is a learning game for all horse lovers between the ages of 8 and 98. There are no losers here, because everyone wins knowledge - some also win money and

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